Germantown Church of God
Germantown Church of God
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SAVE THE DATE:  Vacation Bible School will be held August 5 - 9.  Please begin to pray for VBS, and invite children to attend.  If you would like to help out, please let Ann Donatto know. 

SERMON SERIES/BIBLE STUDY:  We have begun a sermon series based on the Apostle’s Creed.  In this series, we will take a look at the individual phrases in the Creed.  We are offering a time to discuss the sermons and the creed more in depth.  We will gather on Thursday evenings at 7:00 if anyone is interested.   We meet in the Kitchen.

PLEASE CHECK THE DOOR:  The side door to the Church (by the Handicap Parking spaces) has been found unlocked or not closed several times in recent weeks.  If you come to the Church and use that entrance, PLEASE make sure the door is locked and securely closed before you leave.  You need to slam it to make sure it is closed tightly.  Check it before you leave to make sure it is locked.

SAVE THE DATE:  The Daystar Vocal trio will be with us in our Sunday morning worship service on Sunday, August 4.  Daystar Vocal is a Gospel Music trio.  They do numerous concerts in the area throughout the year.  Invite friends to come with you. 

CONNECTING WITH OUR COMMUNITY WEEKEND:  The Commission on Worship and Outreach is planning an Outreach weekend August 23 - 25.  The insert in the bulletin contains details for the weekend.  We are looking for volunteers from the congregation to help us with this special weekend.  We will need some folks to help set up for the Yard Sale and the picnic on Sunday.  We are looking for a volunteer to provide some security overnight Friday.  If you can help please contact Larry Sanders.  For the Sunday Picnic we will need folks to bring food to share.  Meat and beverages will be provided, but we will need side dishes and desserts to share.  As we are expecting guests from the community, please plan to bring a little more food than you usually do.  Donations of school supplies and financial gifts will also be appreciated.  Most of all we will need our folks to greet and express words of welcome to any guests who visit us that day.